Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Movie Date with my little man

Okay so last Friday, May 15th. I was at home with the boys, as Derrick works on Fridays. Anyways I had gotten everything done for the day that I needed to and I had a itch to do something. I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I wanted to do something that we dint do very often. So I came up with the idea of the Drive in Movie. Its cheaper then the movie theaters, and its just a better experience. I hadn't been there in more then a year. Derrick and I used to take Kameron all the time. We would pick out Chinese take out, and watch a movie and eat Chinese food in our car. It was simply fun. But we just quit going. Life got busy. So as I sat on my back stairs enjoying the nice evening, the thought of going to the drive in sounded better and better. My one negative thought was" How is Kolter going to do with sitting in the car for 2 hours". But he is a great baby, so I didn't worry to much. So I waited for Derrick to get home from work to ask him if he wanted to go. Well he said he didnt feel like it....(disappointed). But he said that he would stay home with Kolter, and just Kameron and I could go....(Excited). I couldnt wait to spend time with my little man..just him and I. Its been too long since we have gotten alot of 1 on 1 time together. I always try to make him feel every bit as special as Kolter, and I always want him to know that Kolter didnt take his place. When I was prego with Kolter I would cry at the thought of Kameron feeling left out with a new baby in the house. I am grateful that while I was prego Kameron I did lots and lots of fabulous fun things together all the time. I have continued to try since Kolter was born. Its just there are two loves of my life now. Anyways back to the Drive in Story. Kameron and I loaded in the car and headed to the Drive In. As we approached the Drive in Kameron asked me : Mama where is the movie theater" I laughed I said baby its that big screen right there. I think he still didnt really understand. So we pulled up to the ticket booth and I paid my 6 dollar fee( kameron was free). Luckily we got there a little early so it wasnt to busy yet. We found a great spot. The screen was still blank so we decided to go to the " Snack Shack" and get our munchies. I told Kameron he could have whatever he wanted: of course he got cotton candy, popcorn, nachos, and a glow in the dark sucker. I carried all of that load, plus a large soda for me all the way back to the car. We settled in and had the radio tuned in to the movie station. Well we tried the nachos. YUCK. They were the worst I have ever had. So to the garbage can they went. Sucker lasted 2 min, then it went in the trash. He didnt want it anymore. I was still hungry. You can order a pizza from their snack shack and they deliver it to your car. So we did that. Now that pizza was yummy. It finally got dark. The previews started to play. Kameron shrieked in excitement. It was a beautiful night so I had the sun roof on my car all the way open. Up Kameron went, sticking his head right out the top to announce to everyone that the movie is starting. He is just to cute. He was so excited to sit in the front seat with me. I was pleased as well. So we watched the movie (Wolverine). Kameron soon cuddled on my lap. I breathed in that very moment of me and my sweet little man. How big he has grown. The things he says. How truly smart he is. I watched his big blue eyes glued to the movie screen. He was just happy. Oh Simple Pleasures truly are lifes treasures. That was a great night for this mommy and her boy, the very proud big brother...

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