Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Please Pray for this

This post is for a great Lady that I work with named Cortney. I want to give you a little back ground. She is in her late 30s and she is married with no children. Her and her husband are wonderful people. Unfortunately Cortney has had a very very hard life. 10 years ago she lost her sister, 2 nephews, and a neice in a house fire. It has effected her every day of her life. It was a terrible tragidy that no one should have to endure. Also she lost her dad to a massive heart attack last year, which only adds to her pain. Years ago her and her husband learned she was pregnant. They were very excited, until she had some problems and ended up having a tubular pregnancy and she lost the baby and almost her life as well. They have tried for years to get pregnant to no evail. They dont want to try the artificial insemination or any medical way as they feel that if they are meant to have kids they will. So this leads me to my prayer request. She came into my office this morning asking me how i knew I was pregnant both times. She has been very sleepy, she is late, and she has felt nautious lately. So fingers crossed hopefully she is pregnant. She plans on taking a test this weekend. I cant speak highly enough of her. If anyone deserves to be a mom, it would be her. A child would bring so much joy and love to their lives. Jo ann, I know you are my only follower and I am not sure if other people read my blog and arent followers? But please spread the word. They need lots of prayers. I know that she is meant to be a mom, and god has picked a special baby just for them, that baby just needs to get here!! So please just take a minute out of your day and pray for Cortney and Mike:) Thank you so much

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The Sun is Shinning and its a hot 75* out. Yep its a hot one. But Montana weather is crazy so, at any moment there could be a down poor, thunder, freezing temps. I just hope it stays sunny. I want to take the boys outside when I get off work and enjoy the small slice of the day outside that I can. Working 10 hour days monday-Thursday in a office really steals away a good chunk of my nature time away from me. So my plan of attack for this evening. Well the first thing I SHOULD do is cook dinner. Maybe I will throw something together that will cook itself..Ha good idea. Thats what I will do. Then I am thinking I will set up Kameron's 5$ slip and slide from Walmart( he luv,luv,luvs it)and break out some water balloons. I am always game for a good water balloon fight. I will never be to old for that :) And I am not sure what else we will do. Maybe I can finally get my moss roses planted that my mom gave me ,while Kam is distracted by the slipin slide. Kolter loves it outside as well. We have a nice tree in the back yard, that creates the perfect shade spot for us to stay out of the sun. Most of the time Kolter kicks back and watches Kameron zoom by on his bike. He kicks his legs so fast as if he we trying to take off. I can already tell by the time he crawls I am going to be very very busy Mommy. Oh and Kameron starts soccor the beginning of August. He is way excited.When I asked if he was interested in playing: He told me he is going to run really fast and kick it into the net. Then he ran and got his soccor ball, preceeded to bounce the ball off his knee and it came up & hit him right in the face. Didnt faze him one bit. He then asked me if I had a list for him to play. I am very excited for him to play. 4 & 5 year olds playing soccor has to be great fun to watch. Maybe I could even learn something. I am from a small town and we never had soccor, and I have never seen a game. So I might need to study up a bit. I really dont think its going to be that serious. I dont care how good Kameron is, as long as he is having fun. Wow my boys are getting too big too fast :(

Monday, June 22, 2009

update on Kolter

Well it has been a little over 2 weeks since Kolter's surgery on his feet. I am pleased to say that he is doing great!! It never really even fazed him at all. He went from rolling over with his Dobbs bar to rolling over with his casts just like that. But I will tell you, that little man is hard on his casts, he has worn the heels of his casts down. He kicks when he gets excited, so he really is getting his use out of his casts. Hopefully it will be the last set of casts..fingers crossed. So I worried so much for basically So great news!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Skinny Jeans"

I went down stairs last night to sort through some clothes that have been in tubs for... long long time. I found 2 tubs full of jeans. Nice, cute jeans. Jeans I cant wear :( I decided to try on a pair of my pre baby days jeans and I couldnt get them up past my Its funny and sad I guess. Pre baby I was tiny. I wore size 5 jeans and they were even loose on me. Back then I thought I was fat!! I look at the pictures of my old self and I want to just say: He eat a cheeseburger. Well since then by the looks of me I have enjoyed many great So I am standing there looking at all the really nice, cute jeans, that there is no way I can fit in again. Even if I get skinny again, my hips will not. I have child bearing hips now, and thats just fine with me. I just hate letting go of my "Skinny jeans". I know I dont need to be rail thin to look good. My goal right now is just to be healthy and to feel comfortable with the way I look. Diets are hard, and every time I try to diet, it works for about 2 So Im just going to be active, watch what I eat, drink lots of H20 and just be healthy and happy. So the tubs of Skinny Jeans are going to community hope to find a new skinny person who needs them. Goodbye skinny jeans forever...

Monday, June 15, 2009

"Procrastination is the thief of time"

Procrastination: is a behavior which is characterized by a deferment of actions or tastes to a later time.

What can I say? Look procrastination up in a dictionary and you will find a picture of me. I am not proud of it. I have always been a procrastinator. I just didnt realize how bad I was until recently. I really need to work on this. I constantly put things off, which is silly, because these things are always going to need to be done. My " To Do" list is huge and oh so very over whelming :( I always put things off until the last second. And that is just terrible. So am I really a procrastinator or am I just lazy? Is there a difference between procrastination & lazy?? Well either way, I am a little of both. I took a moment and thought of a solution for myself. Its not a quick fix but its a gradual process. So because I oh so enjoy to make small little "to do" lists on post its, and then crossing out what I have done. I decided to make a couple lists of all the things I need to get done .

One list, in fact will be things that just need to get done every day. For instance:

Dishes~ The Problem: Hate them!! Not having a dish washer really sucks. One + is my hubby & I take turns on the dishes. When its his turn he does them right away after dinner. Me and my procrastinator self wait until the sink is full

The Solution: Get them done as they are dirty

laundry~ Problem: not a big fan of this, plus how can 1 man, 1 boy, 1 baby, and myself have so much laundry...its never ending

Solution: get it over with, and as long as there is laundry, Im just going to always keep it going, washer, dryer, fold, put away

Cooking~ Problem : Problem is I dont get off work until 6:00pm. Then I come home spend some time, catching up on the day my boys had without me, then I cook. By then I am tired. I love to cook when I have time, but on work nights, it just takes alot out of me, and takes time away from my boys. I go home, search for something to cook, and most of the time I am lacking some ingredient and have to go to the store, makes dinner time, rather late in my house

Solution : create a menu for the week, Every Sunday I will go on a big grocery run. get everything I can for the week to come, and then cook all that I can and freeze what I can. That should help?

Then there is the "big picture list". The list of things that are quite big, that take time.

Finish stripping and painting kitchen cabinets
re tile kitchen floor
Do a new Garden in the front yard
paint my bathroom
re do bathroom floor
re tile bathroom floor
Re paint boys room ( I just painted it 1 year ago, and I don't like it)
~ There is more... but I will stop

then there is :

The Two Week To Do List: Things that can,should, and will get done in two weeks

I am creating this two week list to stay realistic with myself, and not over whelm my self. So all the things I need to get done sooner then later will be on the 2 week list. So tonight, once the boys are in dream land, I will sit in peace and write my 2 week list... OK Here we go. Wish me luck

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kolter's Bubble Gum Nose & his surgery

Well I want to do a sort of quick update on Kolter's feet surgery he had yesterday. Surgery was scheduled at 7:20 am. We arrived at 5:30am as requested. They ushered us into a room to wait. Kolter did great for not being able to eat since midnight. He didnt even get fussy at all. I just dont understand, why be there 2 hours early ,just to wait. So we waited downstairs, then some nice little nurse took us upstairs to wait again. This waiting "room" as you would call it was strange. Im not sure if I can even discribe it right. I think it was the place where all people who are going throught out patient surgery get their anesthesia. There were people all over in hospital beds, and doctors running around. They had us in kind of a "nook" in the middle of everything. The nice thing was, there was a huge murel on the wall of a ocean scene. It was beautiful, the artist did a great job. I should've taken a picture. It also had a little nemo fish, and a hidden pair of scuba diver goggles as well. So while we waited, Derrick and I played "I Spy" with the painting. I kicked his butt. He couldnt find the goggles. lol So after talking to a few doctors, they took my little baby away. That was so hard. So while he was in surgery, we waited in the waiting room. Then it was over, and Kolter's doctor Shultz came and told us that it went great, and that we could meet him downstairs in recovery. So back down we went again. I passed through the doors and a nurse was holding him. He was kinda crying. They said he still wasnt totally awake yet. But when I held him he sure stopped his fussing. We just had to wait until he had some water, and then we were able to go home. I was afraid he would fuss big time because they said no formula until we get home. So Kolter didnt get to officially eat until 10:30!! The surgery was a success. So the plan of attack is casts for 3 weeks, followed by 8 weeks of full time Dobbs bar. So hopefully all goes well.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crazy morning

This was how I felt this morning & probably looked like

Okay so I guess last night I didnt set the alarm on my cell right. So I woke up only 45 min. before I had to be at work. Thank goodness mr. Kolter woke me up, or no telling what time I would've rolled out of bed. So I shot out of bed. Changed Kolter's diaper & made him a bottle. Then my mom showed up to watch the boys for the day. Just in time. I was able to wet down my hair so I could pull it up. I didnt get to make my usual pot of coffee. That threw me off. I tell you I just hate waking up late, and rushing into my day. It USUALLY puts me in a bad mood for the day. And at first I was in a bad mood. But then as I was driving to work..WITHOUT my much needed coffe, and my crazy hair sticking up in my pony tail. I caught a glimpse of myself and I had to laugh at myself. I decided, just because I woke up late, and was in a rush I dont have to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Although I didnt choose for my morning to start out badly, I can choose my attitude. So as "every day is a gift, not a right" I will change my crappy attitude, I wil embrase this day, and I will focus on all the simply great things of this day. I am now greatful for this crappy morning that gave me a little bit of perspective today. I hope that everyone is able to enjoy their day as well.

Then I woke up & smelled the roses and had a nice attitude change

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A few steps forward, a giant step back

Monday Kolter has his doc appointment to check on his progress with his feet. I wasnt able to go, I was to busy with work. Even though, I was very excited. I expected the doc to say: they look great!!i expected his time in the brase to be reduced from 23 hrs. a day, down to only wearing it a nap time & at night while he sleeps. I expected so much better. I think expecting alone, was the wrong thing to do. The doc did a x ray on his feet, and checked them out....Bad news: Kolter has to get his heel cords lengthened again!! This time he has to be @ the hospital and they have to put him under...tear. Yeah not what I wanted to hear. Kolter had his heel cords cut on April 1st, followed by casts for 3 weeks. That time they did it as a in office procedure with numbing shots, Kolter cried, I cried. I can tell you, it wasnt very fun. I hope this time will be a little bit easier. But I will not expect anything...that never turnes out in my favor. So surgery Monday morning, followed by casts for 3 weeks. Kolter has been rolling over so well with his bar and without, I hope that this doesnt set him back in that department. Kolter is a fighter and I am willing to bet he will continue to roll over with his casts. So its almost time to break out the colored sharpies for some colorful art work on a nice white canvas. I will post a update on the surgery. So if you read this please say a prayer for my little man...