Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A few steps forward, a giant step back

Monday Kolter has his doc appointment to check on his progress with his feet. I wasnt able to go, I was to busy with work. Even though, I was very excited. I expected the doc to say: they look great!!i expected his time in the brase to be reduced from 23 hrs. a day, down to only wearing it a nap time & at night while he sleeps. I expected so much better. I think expecting alone, was the wrong thing to do. The doc did a x ray on his feet, and checked them out....Bad news: Kolter has to get his heel cords lengthened again!! This time he has to be @ the hospital and they have to put him under...tear. Yeah not what I wanted to hear. Kolter had his heel cords cut on April 1st, followed by casts for 3 weeks. That time they did it as a in office procedure with numbing shots, Kolter cried, I cried. I can tell you, it wasnt very fun. I hope this time will be a little bit easier. But I will not expect anything...that never turnes out in my favor. So surgery Monday morning, followed by casts for 3 weeks. Kolter has been rolling over so well with his bar and without, I hope that this doesnt set him back in that department. Kolter is a fighter and I am willing to bet he will continue to roll over with his casts. So its almost time to break out the colored sharpies for some colorful art work on a nice white canvas. I will post a update on the surgery. So if you read this please say a prayer for my little man...

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  1. Oh no. I am so sorry to hear. I will send a prayer that this one does the trick and that his casting weeks fly by.

    Good luck.