Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Up date on My Kolter Man and the fam

It has been awhile since I have done a update here. Kolter goes in to see Dr. Schultz on Monday to see if his time in the brace will be reduced. I really hope that will happen, but it all depends on his feet. I think his little feet look great!! Its funny because my sister gave him the nick name: Little Foot. I love it, because it is so true. So once we hear what Dr. has to say, I will post. Some other news, Kolter now has his bottom two teeth!! I love it when he smiles and his little teeth play peek a boo:) I told Kameron to be careful because now it will hurt if Kolter bites him. Kolter has grown so much, it makes me sad. His baby days are flying away. His personality is very obvious. He is a very happy, chill baby. But when Kameron gets in his face, he puts his hands in fists and grunts. Kinda like the hulk. He must be catching on from watching Hulk with Kameron also continues to grow, and he learns something new everyday. He has been spending alot of time with the hubby this summer doing " man thing", camping, going to the river just to get dirty and play in what little sand you can find. we as a family go to the river alot as well. Kolter loves to put his feet in the water and kick away. I wish the summer would slow, just as it starts to get nice out, and we start doing things, Fall starts to show its colors...

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  1. Oh I hope his time can be reduced. I remember when Matthew got that first reduction. It was so great to see his little feet bare for once!

    Those two bottom teeth are definitely the cutest and the most dangerous!

    I was just thinking the same thing about summer. We are going through a week of rain here and it feels like the last of summer is slipping away. I think I need to move to Mexico...except for the hurricanes.

    Good luck Monday!