Thursday, September 17, 2009

Derrick and I took Kolter to see his foot doctor (Dr. Shultz) on Wednesday. Both of us were scared. Usually we get bad news from Dr. Shultz, so of course we were expecting the worst, but praying for the best. He has been in his braces 23 hours a day for months. This appointment was going to decide if he would continue with the 23 hours of brace wear a day or he could get his time reduced. So as always Kolter got all sorts of attention from everyone in the waiting room and the nurses. He was all smiles showing off his 4 teeth, and soon to be 6 new teeth. So we waited in one of the rooms. I swear they need a decorator, there are no pictures on the walls, and everything is a light tan. So boring. Dr Shultz came in a looked over Monkey’s feet, and KOLTER PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!!! His brace time is officially REDUCED!!!!!! How awesome is that?? I know right? He only has to wear his brace at nap and night time. I asked Dr. Shultz if there were any stretches we could do for his feet and he did show us some. So daily I will do some stretches on his feet. We are beyond excited about the great news. I am so proud of Kolter. He has been through so much in his short little life. He always so happy and sweet. Nothing has fazed him at all. One thing I thought was weird, Dr. Shultz and a nurse asked me if he was walking yet?? Shocked I said: um no. Considering he just turned 8 months and he has had casts and a brace for his whole life thus far, um yeah infact he just finished his first marathon last week. Hello. I thought that was weird. The Doctor and the nurse asked me that. Should he be walking???? I don’t think so but, maybe I am wrong. Who knows. All I know is things are looking great. And Kolter is happier then ever.

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  1. Oh what fantastic news! Yay! And good for you asking about stretches. I was never told about any...ever. If I could change one thing, it would be that I stretched him daily at a young age.

    And, yes, odd to ask if he was walking... pulling to stand not as odd, but walking, definitely.