Monday, September 21, 2009

I can see your piggies

I really am enjoying the reduced brace time with Kolter. There are so many great things about it. Sunday was cold and rainy here in Montana. The cold where you want to stay in your warm jammies all day, have a nice pot of home made soup on the stove, and cuddle up on the couch watching movies. I went to Kolter's dresser to pick out his outfit for the day and I was so super excited because he is finally able to wear his feet PJs!!! They are the cutest hand me downs from Kameron. I told Kameron that they were his when he was a baby, and he got a great kick out of that. I pulled out the cutest pair of blue feet PJs with a green little fuzzy dinosaur on them. So I put Kolter in them and stood him up so we could check out this yummy little boy in his feet pajamas, and I looked down to see a nice little hole in the toe, and a cute little toe was playing peek a boo:) Oh my, Kameron and I laughed, which made Kolter laugh. I thought it was a great moment. Not only was he without a brace, not only was he wearing feet pajamas, I could see his toes!! The rest of the day I tickled his piggies and kept telling him: I can see your piggies. He would laugh so hard and the entire time, he smiled so big you could see his 4 teeth and the two trying to come out, and his little piggie playing peek a boo. Yes I left him in those PJs, he didnt mind, and neither did we!!

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