Friday, September 25, 2009

Kolter's Check Up and the interesting morning

Kolter had his 9 month check up. We are kinda off on his check up schedule due to last time he was supossed to get shots the doctors wanted to wait until his casts were off, because they were afraid that his legs would swell to much. Anyways there is a funny story to my morning.My sweet mother in Law watched Kameron for me. Kolter's apt was at 9:00 and every appointment Kolter and Kameron for that matter has had, has always been at the pediatrics in the hospital. So Kolter and I arrive 5 min. early, and stand in line for 10 min. I had to set Kolter down on the floor in his car seat because as you moms know, those car seats are so freaking heavy!! Kolter was a quick temptation for a sweet darling little 16 month boy named Aiden(my nephews name by the way). He was to cute!!! Big blue eyes, tan skin and very blonde, very curly hair. He adored my Kolter bug, and stroked his hair, and tried to help Kolter escape from his carseat by trying to un buckle him. His mom kept saying sorry to me and kept telling Aiden to be gentle. And he was gentle. Nothing fazes Kolter, he lives with a crazy 4 year old brother. So I made my way to the front of the line to check in. Apparently his doctor was at the clinic on the other side of town today. News to me. Nobody told me that!! So the receptionist called the other clinic to let them know I was on my way. Yeah a 30 min drive away thanks. So I hauled Kolter pack out to the car, my arm was already going numb, and headed across town and through all the lovely construction. So as I listened to the radio, they were having a contest where you call in and have to guess a celebrity they have had on the show. They give out a huge prize pack. Little by little they give hints, but every caller that guesses wrong they take a prize away. So I called in right when they started the game. So I was going to guess Kim Kardashian on a wim. So I got through and by then 3 people had already called in and guessed wrong. The DJ gave me a hint, he was male and know to be crazy???? SO I guessed Steve O. I was RIGHT!!! I won: a Season of: Evolution on DVD, 4 hocky game tickets, 2 VIP movie tickets, and 2 CDs. Score!! That put me in a better mood. We made it to the doctor and here are the details:

Weight: He weighs 17lbs 2.6 oz which is only in the 15 percentile but he is gaining weight normally so the doc said that is A okay.

Height: I cant exactly but I remember he saying average

Baby Talk: He can say MaMa and DaDa so that is good

Crawling: He is doing the up on all fours rocking horse action, and she said thats great because they dont normally expect that til 10 months, and even greater for Kolter because he has been in a brase or casts his whole life

Standing: She is very proud that he likes to stand for long periods of time supporting all his weight on both feet

The Sad part: He got 3 shots. He cried for 5 min. Turned the shade of a fire truck, and quivered his chin like he was freezing. Then he was done, and back to his happy go lucky lucky self.

All in all ,everything worked out. Im glad I went to the hospital instead of the clinic because I wouldnt have won the tickets if I didnt:)

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Yay for Kolter! (Well except for the needles)

    And Yay for you!

    That sounds like a great day!