Monday, April 27, 2009

Guilty Pleasures
Okay, who hasn’t hear of Twilight? Im not talking the time of day either. Im Talking about the movie, the book series, the phenomenon that’s sweeping the world. There is memorabilia everywhere you look, I think every store has the stuff. So I will get to my point. I have never been much of a follower of people, I tend to march to my own beat. And that suits me just fine. I don’t HAVE to like something just because a majority of people do, its just not me. The movie Twilight came out in November 08 I think? I never watched it. I say previews and thought it looked interesting, but I never set out to watch it or anything. I work in a office of all women, and all they talked about for the longest time was Twilight and the book series. So I figured okay, why not just rent the movie, see what all that fuss is about. Then I could truly have an informed opinion on the matter. So about a month ago I rented the movie. I really enjoyed it!! So I went and bought it. Then my boss says that the book is much better then the movie. And in most cases where movies are made after books, the books are much better. So I read Twilight…LOVE IT!! Its such a good read. And that really surprised the hell out of me, because I haven’t been much of a reader either. I found myself stealing any free moment I had to read as much as I could. I am a pretty busy person, so its hard to find the time. But I made it. So I went and bought the soundtrack to the movie also. Its pretty good to. I really like the song by Rob Patterson. So on Saturday I went and bought the second book of the series: New Moon. And it is even better then Twilight!! So yes, I am a walking contradiction. And I am now hook line and sinker…hooked to these books. I cant wait until the New Moon movie comes out. Also everyone at work said how cute Rob Pattinson was. I had seen pictures of him before and I definitely didn’t think he was hot. But once I saw the movie and read the book, my opinion changed. He is HOT!! I think its just that bad boy thing. But If you have read the book, then you just might understand what I mean. Plus what girl couldn’t use a little Edward Cullen in her life? I sure could!!!

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