Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kameron's 4th Birthday, May 4th

Kameron's 4th birthday is coming up on May 4th. Its his golden birthday. We are having his party on May 3rd,its the only day no one has to work. But party planning is in full swing(thanks to me :)I wanted to give him a very special birthday party, for many reasons and this is only some:

1. Its his golden birthday

2. He is recently a new big brother & he gets left out sometimes(but he will always be my baby)

3. He starts preschool this year...( tear)

4. It will be his first birthday with his friends too, not just family

5. He deserves it

So those are just some of the reasons I want to make his party so special. Now back to my master plan. Its going to be Kameron's Carnival party. I went to walmart to look for invitations to buy...20 min later nothing could come close to what I imagined. For boys its all disneys car theme, batman, spider man..etc. I comptemplated making them myself. Which is a great idea and I love doing crafty things but with a full time job, 2 kids, hubby and a household who has the time?? But I decided I would make time!! So I bought different colored paper, some birthday stickers. Then I bought those annoying little birthday noise makers that you blow in and they come rolling out. The purpose for the noise makers was to take a pic of Kam in front of the green wall in his room holding the noisy So I took the pic of him and printed them off on my handy dandy little photo printer. Each invitation was a different color, although they all had the same pic of Kam they were all unique in their own way. I worked on them when I had a few min. to spare and a few stickers, cutting glueing and I was done. On the inside they said: Come one Come all to the greatest show on earth!! Kameron's 4th birthday party!! I am patting myself on the shoulder right now. Kameron loves them. So far the reviews have been good. Back to the party. Since its going to be carnival themed I hired a clown named Skittles. She is a girl clown and she is going to do balloon animals, magic tricks, etc... So I decided on the games would be the duck float, where you pick the ducks from the water, then a ring toss,and a balloon pop. Kids, darts, sharp...not a good idea so we are going to change that up a bit. We are going to use a board and put nails all through it, then have the nails sticking out facing us.Then the kids throw water balloons that will pop on the nails. I think it will work nicely. I also found the coolest carnival supply website. They are really affordable and have the best prizes. I ordered tons of stuff including the ring toss game, the ducks, and the pool, and big blow up animals for all the kids, all for 49.00. I spent that because you get free shipping if you spend 49.00 and up. So I am going to make each kid a great goodie bag instead of handing out prizes at each game to try to avoid meltdowns because one kid didnt get something. For food we will bbq burgers and hot dogs, and i am going to have popcorn for the kids in cute little bags, and I am renting a cotton candy machine. After all what carnival is complete without a cotton candy machine right? RIGHT :)So thats it for now as the planning continues and the party is in T-11 days!!!!I am so excited to see Kamerons face when he arrives at HIS carnival. Oh and about the cake I always just buy one from walmart for everyone, which I will do again this year. I always make Kameron his own little cake. So I am thinking of ideas for that, so stay tuned on my cake creation. Have a great weekend everyone. I am off to walmart.

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