Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kolters Castings and new shoes in a nut shell

Right after his Tenotomy: he fell asleep :)

Kolter in his Casts

Below: Are Kolter's 1st set of casts

Today's date: April 13th 2009:

Since Kolter is almost 3 months old, Im going to post some blogs to catch up on our on going journey to correct Kolter’s feet using the Ponseti method. When Kolter was 2 weeks old he got his first set of casts put on. Each week the night before his appointment we soak the casts off ourselves. I like the method of soaking them off our selves better then having them use a loud saw to cut them off. He is going through enough already. Plus extra bath time is always a plus. His little feet stink so bad from those things. So every week for about 8 weeks he had a new set of casts put on, and each time the doctor turned his feet a little bit more, working towards normal. On march 4th 2009 he had a tenotomy. It was a in office procedure. Kolter’s doctor doesn’t recommend anesthesia for babies that small unless absolutely nessesary. So they gave him some numbing shots. I tried to stay in the room, but I couldn’t. I just sat in the hallway and balled my eyes out. Derrick is much better at dealing with that stuff. It was over very quickly and they casted his feet again the same day, these casts were to stay on for 3 weeks. So after 3 weeks we took him to get fitted for his shoes & bar. It would take about a week for them to come in so he had to get one last set of casts while we waited. When Kolter is on the floor and he gets excited he thumps his casts on the floor. Well this past weekend he got so excited that he finally cracked his cast in half!! It went all the way around just below his knee. It was still a little bit connected. And Dr. Shultz who is does Kolter’s casting is only in the office Mondays and Wednesday so I had to wait until Monday to call and see what we needed to do. The shoes should’ve been there by now. So I called yesterday morning about his casts and the Orthotic’s office called and said that his shoes were in and we could pick them up in the afternoon. So I was so excited to say the least. I took off work early to soak Kolter’s casts off. He was so relaxed when we soaked them off. But when the casts are off his feet are so sensitive from the lack of stimulation , that he gets pretty agitated for a little bit every time. So I wrapped him in his favorite blankie and he fell fast asleep. We live about 20 mins. From the doctor’s office and he slept the whole way there. Kameron got to stay back with his Aunt Stacy ( Derrick’s sister) because they were going on a adventure as Kameron calls them, to the park. The appointment was rather quick. The doctor gave us the instructions on how to work the shoes. He has to stay in them for 23 hours a day for a couple of months, then we will see what happens after that. The doctor said we could just put the shoes on when we got home to give him a break.

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