Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The Sun is Shinning and its a hot 75* out. Yep its a hot one. But Montana weather is crazy so, at any moment there could be a down poor, thunder, freezing temps. I just hope it stays sunny. I want to take the boys outside when I get off work and enjoy the small slice of the day outside that I can. Working 10 hour days monday-Thursday in a office really steals away a good chunk of my nature time away from me. So my plan of attack for this evening. Well the first thing I SHOULD do is cook dinner. Maybe I will throw something together that will cook itself..Ha good idea. Thats what I will do. Then I am thinking I will set up Kameron's 5$ slip and slide from Walmart( he luv,luv,luvs it)and break out some water balloons. I am always game for a good water balloon fight. I will never be to old for that :) And I am not sure what else we will do. Maybe I can finally get my moss roses planted that my mom gave me ,while Kam is distracted by the slipin slide. Kolter loves it outside as well. We have a nice tree in the back yard, that creates the perfect shade spot for us to stay out of the sun. Most of the time Kolter kicks back and watches Kameron zoom by on his bike. He kicks his legs so fast as if he we trying to take off. I can already tell by the time he crawls I am going to be very very busy Mommy. Oh and Kameron starts soccor the beginning of August. He is way excited.When I asked if he was interested in playing: He told me he is going to run really fast and kick it into the net. Then he ran and got his soccor ball, preceeded to bounce the ball off his knee and it came up & hit him right in the face. Didnt faze him one bit. He then asked me if I had a list for him to play. I am very excited for him to play. 4 & 5 year olds playing soccor has to be great fun to watch. Maybe I could even learn something. I am from a small town and we never had soccor, and I have never seen a game. So I might need to study up a bit. I really dont think its going to be that serious. I dont care how good Kameron is, as long as he is having fun. Wow my boys are getting too big too fast :(

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  1. I understand your weather comment seeing I am just a few hours north of you. Hope the weather stays nice!

    Both my boys have played soccer and I have to say, 4 yr olds playing are rather funny! It is more entertainment then an adult game!

    Enjoy your day!