Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kolter's Bubble Gum Nose & his surgery

Well I want to do a sort of quick update on Kolter's feet surgery he had yesterday. Surgery was scheduled at 7:20 am. We arrived at 5:30am as requested. They ushered us into a room to wait. Kolter did great for not being able to eat since midnight. He didnt even get fussy at all. I just dont understand, why be there 2 hours early ,just to wait. So we waited downstairs, then some nice little nurse took us upstairs to wait again. This waiting "room" as you would call it was strange. Im not sure if I can even discribe it right. I think it was the place where all people who are going throught out patient surgery get their anesthesia. There were people all over in hospital beds, and doctors running around. They had us in kind of a "nook" in the middle of everything. The nice thing was, there was a huge murel on the wall of a ocean scene. It was beautiful, the artist did a great job. I should've taken a picture. It also had a little nemo fish, and a hidden pair of scuba diver goggles as well. So while we waited, Derrick and I played "I Spy" with the painting. I kicked his butt. He couldnt find the goggles. lol So after talking to a few doctors, they took my little baby away. That was so hard. So while he was in surgery, we waited in the waiting room. Then it was over, and Kolter's doctor Shultz came and told us that it went great, and that we could meet him downstairs in recovery. So back down we went again. I passed through the doors and a nurse was holding him. He was kinda crying. They said he still wasnt totally awake yet. But when I held him he sure stopped his fussing. We just had to wait until he had some water, and then we were able to go home. I was afraid he would fuss big time because they said no formula until we get home. So Kolter didnt get to officially eat until 10:30!! The surgery was a success. So the plan of attack is casts for 3 weeks, followed by 8 weeks of full time Dobbs bar. So hopefully all goes well.

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