Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Please Pray for this

This post is for a great Lady that I work with named Cortney. I want to give you a little back ground. She is in her late 30s and she is married with no children. Her and her husband are wonderful people. Unfortunately Cortney has had a very very hard life. 10 years ago she lost her sister, 2 nephews, and a neice in a house fire. It has effected her every day of her life. It was a terrible tragidy that no one should have to endure. Also she lost her dad to a massive heart attack last year, which only adds to her pain. Years ago her and her husband learned she was pregnant. They were very excited, until she had some problems and ended up having a tubular pregnancy and she lost the baby and almost her life as well. They have tried for years to get pregnant to no evail. They dont want to try the artificial insemination or any medical way as they feel that if they are meant to have kids they will. So this leads me to my prayer request. She came into my office this morning asking me how i knew I was pregnant both times. She has been very sleepy, she is late, and she has felt nautious lately. So fingers crossed hopefully she is pregnant. She plans on taking a test this weekend. I cant speak highly enough of her. If anyone deserves to be a mom, it would be her. A child would bring so much joy and love to their lives. Jo ann, I know you are my only follower and I am not sure if other people read my blog and arent followers? But please spread the word. They need lots of prayers. I know that she is meant to be a mom, and god has picked a special baby just for them, that baby just needs to get here!! So please just take a minute out of your day and pray for Cortney and Mike:) Thank you so much

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  1. Oh gosh that tugs at my heart strings. We went through three years of infertility before we had our first. We also lost three angels along the way.

    I will send prayers.