Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crazy morning

This was how I felt this morning & probably looked like

Okay so I guess last night I didnt set the alarm on my cell right. So I woke up only 45 min. before I had to be at work. Thank goodness mr. Kolter woke me up, or no telling what time I would've rolled out of bed. So I shot out of bed. Changed Kolter's diaper & made him a bottle. Then my mom showed up to watch the boys for the day. Just in time. I was able to wet down my hair so I could pull it up. I didnt get to make my usual pot of coffee. That threw me off. I tell you I just hate waking up late, and rushing into my day. It USUALLY puts me in a bad mood for the day. And at first I was in a bad mood. But then as I was driving to work..WITHOUT my much needed coffe, and my crazy hair sticking up in my pony tail. I caught a glimpse of myself and I had to laugh at myself. I decided, just because I woke up late, and was in a rush I dont have to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Although I didnt choose for my morning to start out badly, I can choose my attitude. So as "every day is a gift, not a right" I will change my crappy attitude, I wil embrase this day, and I will focus on all the simply great things of this day. I am now greatful for this crappy morning that gave me a little bit of perspective today. I hope that everyone is able to enjoy their day as well.

Then I woke up & smelled the roses and had a nice attitude change

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  1. What a great change of mind! Good for you! I too HATE being rushed and late... and without coffee! Acckkk!